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Women’s Health and Ante-Natal Care

Sensitive, professional support by female doctors to support women’s sexual and reproductive health, including breast checks, mammograms and pap smear tests, birth control advice, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care and support.

*Family Planning NSW

*Health Direct


*Fact Sheets

Men’s Health

Support from doctors who understand the most common issues concerning men, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, cholesterol and nutrition, prostate health and sports injuries, and how to address and manage them.

* Healthy Male Andrology Australia

Pediatric Health

Provision of a range of services from birth to young adulthood, provided by sensitive and caring practitioners who have empathy and understanding for their young patients and with the concerns of their parents. Services include newborn assessments, progress and development checks, and immunisations.

The Sydney Children’s Network

* Raising Children network


Vaccines are a vital part of healthcare for people of all ages, to help protect against contracting and spreading harmful diseases. Keeping up to date with vaccinations is particularly important before travelling overseas, and is a responsible way of protecting your community. Seasonal vaccines are recommended, and may be free for eligible people.

*Australian Immunisation Handbook


Travel Medicine

Up to date advice on how to stay health while travelling, and the vaccinations you need to have for travel to particular areas. It is important to make a booking at least six weeks before you travel (12 weeks prior is recommended).

*Smart Traveller


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The Team Of Great Doctors Behind Cranebrook Doctors

Samia Zahra began her career as an intern in Mackay Base Hospital and gained her general registration in 2010 and her fellowship qualifications in 2021.
Dr Kashba received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Garyounis University (Libya) in 2006. He then enrolled in the neurosurgical training program.


We Also Offer Specialised Services

Specialty clinics cover a wide range of services from Primary care, Urgent care, Woman’s Health, Skin Health, Industrial Health and Aged Care.
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